The journey

The Journey

Feel free to explore a variety of introductions to the different courses we offer online for your convenience to study wherever you live or travel. Trying to practice Kung Fu can be challenging, especially when internal concepts and external training collide. When teaching Kung Fu, we try our best to stick to the basic principles …

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5 Elements Qigong

5 Elements Qigong

5 Elements Qigong involves movements and meditations based on the five Chinese elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water to improve overall well-being.

kung fu wushu library

Kung Fu Basics

Kung Fu Basics or Wushu. Learn the fundamentals of Kung Fu. Balance Training: knee, legs, squat, cloud balance, backward, swallow, sideways. etc. Videos are for reference use and are mainly in the Chinese/ mandarin language.

Tui Na Chinese Therapy Massage course is a thorough understanding of the subject of Tui Na and Bone setting. Understand both theoretical and practical concepts.

Tui Na Chinese Therapy Massage

Tui Na Chinese Therapy Massage course is a thorough understanding of the subject of Tui Na and Bone setting. Understand both theoretical and practical concepts. The students’ learning outcomes include being able to; Consult with a client, identify an ailment, Treat the problem, Locate and understand pressure points, and identify the appropriate technique to use …

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Teach Health Qigong

Teach Health Qigong. Learn 24/7 access. Anywhere, anytime. Easy access to start teaching Health Qigong. Join our ranks of qualified Health Qigong Coaches. You will learn and have access to 4 of the most popular routines Learn one form, be assessed, and earn merit to start teaching to pay for your ongoing education. Continued training while …

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asian longevity eating habits

Asian Longevity Eating

Course Description The Asian diet has been gaining popularity in recent years for its many benefits. One of the main reasons people turn to this way of eating is its ability to help them live a longer and healthier life. Studies have shown that the Asian diet can help reduce the risk of heart disease, …

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Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu is linked to the Pan Nam or Peng Nan (彭南) lineage; he was a Chinese martial artist and Grandmaster of the Wing Chun style. The term; Yong Chun is used as the dialect of the region from which it stems. In 1994, he was awarded the title of “Guangdong Wulin Hundred Masters”. …

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tan tui spring leg kung fu

Tan Tui Iron Legs Kung Fu

Tan Tui Iron Legs Kung Fu book and video footage have been compiled for students that have studied the Original Classical Gongfu of Shi Er Tan Tui. And for those students that would like to know more about the Classical  Shir Er Tan Tui, this book would be of great benefit to them. What is …

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Silver level access for foundation kung fu beginners

Silver Level

Course Description Silver Level is an excellent subscription-based starting point to learning Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation.Beginner Friendly, Simple Guided Steps, On-Demand Video Lessons, Explainer Audio & Music.Learn and master the core fundamentals of Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation.Perfect for beginners or those wanting to refine their Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation.Comprises self-paced detailed reference …

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eight section qigong/ba duan jin

Health Qigong Routines Intro

Health Qigong Routines is easy to access toward learning any form of Qigong; from the old school classics to modern-day adaptations thereof. I t is well suited for individuals who struggle with finding a routine, have an overactive spirit,  or master the combined action of meditation, breathwork, and technicalities associated. Start for free; when you …

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Five Animal Qigong

Five Animal Qigong

Course Description Five Animal Qigong/Wu Qin Xi Exercises was specifically designed by a Chinese physician named Hua Tuo. Mimicking the animal movement affects the health of the internal organs, it massages, balances stimulates, stretches, and opens in an aerobic and anaerobic action switching between sympathetic and parasympathetic mode or Yin Yang training. View the free …

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Strengthen Tendon Muscle Qigong

Strong Tendon Muscle Qigong

Course Description Strong Tendon Muscle Qigong/Yi Jin Jing Qigong Exercises is based on Chinese medicine theories within martial art applications. This specific routine is famous among the Shaolin monks when practicing the mergence of martial arts such as strengthening the bones, tendons, muscles, and sinews; effective for healing, energy work, and martial applications. You’ll learn …

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Eight Brocade Qigong

Eight Brocade Qigong

Course Description Eight Brocade Qigong/Ba Daun Jin improves the respiratory system, limb strength, and flexibility of the joints and fortifies the nerves as well as enhances general balance. It improves cardiovascular function and helps to heal such illnesses as coronary artery sclerosis and osteoporosis. It strengthens one’s immune system to a degree and delays the …

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Stand for better health

Stand For Better Health

Course Description Stand For Better Health. Every single person, without exception, desires to improve their quality of life. Just a small portion of work has been conducted on the health advantages of simply standing. These lessons will teach you the fundamental of reaping the benefits of standing posture, popularly known in Chinese Kung Fu as …

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tai chi quan starter lessons

Tai Chi Quan Lessons

Course Description Tai Chi Quan Lessons. Although Tai Chi is slow and gentle and does not leave you out of breath, it targets the key components of fitness. Tai Chi Quan practice teaches you how to maintain a balance between the two principles of Yin and Yang, as well as Quan as Balance. You should …

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Cosmic Healing Qigong Lessons

Course Description Cosmic Healing Qigong Lessons is created by Dr. Jeff Lan to assist both beginners and experienced with an easier learning and acquisition process of skills and ability within merging Daoist Qigong and Meditation techniques; Self Care Daoist Martial Art & Medicine Classics Evolved; which normally is a complex process. A cohesive program of study and practice …

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six healing sounds qigong

Six Healing Sounds Qigong

Course Description Six Healing Sounds Qigong/Liu Zi Jue Qigong have a unique set of special mouth forms to regulate and control the rise and fall of Qi inside the body and related inhalation and exhalation. By means of the breathing and pronunciation methods from  XU, HE, HU, SI, CHUI & XI, it is unique in …

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Busy Body Qigong Lessons

Simply Qi-For Busy Bodies

Simply Qi-For Busy Bodies Course Description: Simply Qi-For Busy Bodies. For those with limited time to Relax, Restore, or Revitalize. A Simple Qigong approach for busy people. When time is an issue; self-care is a major concern. Whether you are on a business trip or have a full day of meetings, the gentle exercises are …

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12 self-care habits

12 Self-Care Habits

12 Self-Care Habits For Daily Activation & Wellbeing Course Description 12 Self-Care Habits For Daily Activation & Wellbeing; includes affirmations and traditional Qigong practices to help us stay healthy on a daily basis. Affirmations, in reality, make your subconscious thoughts conscious. Affirmations make you consciously cognizant of your thoughts. If you begin making conscious favorable …

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