Cosmic Healing Qigong Intro

My teaching method will be comparable to how I treat patients. It’s a philosophical, all-encompassing approach. When your health is on the line, you can’t afford to be harsh.

This course is for anyone looking to learn further about Cosmic Healing Qigong and improve their own self-care and practice. Because it is a Cosmic Healing Qigong Course, we must examine several aspects of attaining success.

We’ll talk about the fundamentals, though perhaps not as much as many of you expect. Stretching, warm-up, cool-down, techniques, philosophy, self-care, how to recognize self-practice, as well as how to apply the knowledge you’ll gain in this Cosmic Healing Qigong Course will all be discussed.

There is so much more to learn from this Cosmic Healing Qigong Course, and you will have to use it as a platform for future learning. You have to recognize that Cosmic Healing Qigong is quite diverse self-care practice, and you may always learn new strategies to improve your skills. Nothing, in my opinion, could make people happier than discovering new methods to join in this never-ending process of investigation. All of these lessons are, of course, based on my own personal experience. Because I want you to understand, I’ve included personal experiences as a major component of this course.

How I, Dr. Jeff Lan, learned this thing, why I think it’s significant, and how this experience can help you see particular positions, patterns, and procedures through my eyes. There are a lot of personal details—of course, regarding my approaches and how I prepared for them—and I believe that this is the appropriate mix to help you get through this extremely difficult process. While people frequently talk about one person being more talented but another being a hard worker, hard work is a talent because hard effort indicates that you keep trying, you keep fighting, and you know how not to quit under pressure.

Even if you fail, you don’t give up; you just keep going. You persevere in your efforts. And only the combination of innate skill, natural ability to activate wellness or finish a task, combined with a talent to work hard, provides a winning combination. I will consider this Cosmic Healing Qigong Course a success if I can motivate you to learn about things other than the movements of Cosmic Healing Qigong. If you feel enlightened, motivated, and inspired—and I hope that with this course, I can inspire you to love practicing Cosmic Healing Qigong as much as I do— Almost as much as I do, to be precise. This is my Cosmic Healing Qigong Course, and my name is Dr. Jeff Lan.

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