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Health Qigong Routines is easy to access toward learning any form of Qigong; from the old school classics to modern-day adaptations thereof. I

t is well suited for individuals who struggle with finding a routine, have an overactive spirit,  or master the combined action of meditation, breathwork, and technicalities associated.

Start for free; when you are ready to activate the healing within the movement join our training lessons online. This is an excellent starting platform if unfamiliar to this method of self-care.

Join our events on health qigong, how to calm the vagus nerve series, tai chi, and 5 element concepts within everyday life! – https://bit.ly/3N8Rzy6

We are on YouTube – @ShaolinCafe

Need to be certified? By doing this you will build merit toward becoming an accredited International Health Qigong Coach. Enjoy!

Join our Train To Teach initiative.

Follow along - an introduction to Health Qigong. NB: This is merely an introduction not qualification lessons.


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