Introduction IHQF

Introduction IHQF – International Health Qigong Federation. Through SAHQA, clients can benefit from our international connections to IHQF and CHQA.

There are many different types of Health Qigong routines or forms, each with its own unique set of benefits. There are initially four Health Qigong forms to get you started, namely Liu Zi Jue, Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Ying, and Wu Qin Xi. These qigongs are designed for improving the general health of those who practice them.

1. SIX HEALING SOUNDS. The 6 Healing Sounds are to clear toxins and restore the health within the organs; this is done with each inhalation and exhalation. Each sound resonates with a specific organ to amplify the health of this organ. Promotes energy levels, physical and emotional healing, and balance improves cardiovascular and respiratory function, and improves reaction times.

2. EIGHT SECTION BROCADE. Eight Section Qigong Exercises also unearthed among ancient paintings is renowned amongst Chinese medicine practitioners for calming the mind and spiritual enhancement, stretching and loosening body joints, and assisting with breathing enhancement. Enhances limb strength and flexibility of the joints, and fortifies the nerves. Assists illnesses such as osteoporosis and mental health

3. TENDON MUSCLE STRENGTHENING. Tendon Muscle Strengthening Qigong Exercises is based on Chinese medicine theories within martial art applications. This specific routine is famous among the Shaolin monks when practicing the mergence of martial arts such as strengthening the bones, tendons, muscles, and sinews; effective for healing, energy work, and martial applications.

4. FIVE ANIMAL PLAY. Five Animal Frolic/Play Qigong Exercises was specifically designed by a Chinese physician named Hua Tuo. Mimicking the animal movement affects the health of the internal organs, it massages, balances stimulates, stretches, and opens in an aerobic and anaerobic action switching between sympathetic and parasympathetic mode or Yin Yang training.

The Advanced Forms. These are done after the 4 routines listed above and the player has completed a prescribed competence level to continue study.

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