Intro to Health Qigong SA

Intro to Health Qigong SA clients for merit, credentials, and support from our international connections to IHQF and CHQA (Chinese Health Qigong Association)

Being resilient in times of crisis and Work-Life Integration is obtainable with the daily practice of Health Qigong. Women more so than men; in particular, have a constant struggle to balance health, life, family, work, and raising kids; and still, maintain a balanced wellness regime. The task of self-care and extended self-care is not spoken to enough. Finding a quiet time to connect, and find grounding when everything is in chaos; is not an easy task. It needs to be a proactive and concerted action. The biggest question is how can we find time and space to practice self-care practices. Remember not everyone has the luxury of going away.  

Health Qigong in a Work-Life Integration

An average day allows us 2-4 hours of “free time” as our day is consumed by work, sleep, travel, and daily activities. We have so many options to manage our health, whereas; in reality, we need to simplify, not manage our lives. The first step; make time within our very busy schedule to do simple daily actions. The second step; find a peaceful, well-ventilated warm, or cool space. Thirdly; ensure your attire is unrestrictive and comfortable. Take care of emptying our minds of all thoughts, goals, ambitions, and desires of acquisition. to expand our minds and change our approach to daily activities and needs.  

Working woman, family, busy lifestyle & Health Qigong.

Why is my focus more on women? It is simple because women influence the next generation. Most women have not been mentored by an elder woman and have lost connection and function within social encompassment. Nature's balance and that of women form a vital part of this ecosystem. When a woman loses her footing it echoes through generations thereafter. The practice of Health Qigong encourages women to heal and reconnect to their bodies and vitality. Establishing a grounding, inner strength, and resilience; as well as compassion for self and others. Female intelligence precedes all; the nurtured intelligence passed down from our grandmothers, mothers, etc. echoes within us. Health Qigong enables us to reconnect to this inherent intelligence of preservation and wellness. Too much emphasis is placed on the symptomatic release and relief rather than the original vitality and beautiful nature of women. The woman method approach; is very different and important to maintain her connection to body, heart, and mind. Also, realise that she has to train differently from men. In a competitive world where comparisons are drawn regularly and power is misunderstood as strength, neutral compassion can be a path that leads to greater self-awareness and personal evolution. Health Qigong helps the interplay to encourage the feminine connection and gentle nature of movement and action. Trigger point sequences to enhance whole-body health. Elegant beauty and graceful form gently unfold the body’s energy from ebb to flow. Balancing sequences enhance overall mental, physical, and emotional balance. A simple yet complex interchangeable active movement that quiets the mind from distractive thoughts; forcing the mind to regulate and return to its authentic calm state. Techniques used combined or to address specific health issues unique to women, to form a complete program of empowered self-care.  

Health Qigong for both Men and Women

Qigong enhances the essential foundation practice, improves upon Qi flow and internal and external peaceful well-being in one’s; It includes: Enhanced Calming, Tapping, Focus & Coordination routine. Empowering movement that releases stagnant Qi from all the joints, stretches the muscles, energizes the internal organs, and brings in revitalized Qi for the whole body Integrated anti-aging practice for longevity Balancing Movement supports both internal as well as external balance.  Helpful for physical stability against clumsy accidents and those vulnerable to the emotional influence of others  

What are the therapeutic benefits of Sound Resonance Therapy?

The meditative experience of Sound Resonance Therapy invites the body into a relaxed, parasympathetic state, also known as the “rest-and-digest” state. Individuals often feel profound changes such as their pulses balancing out, diminished stress, increased clarity and relaxation and a higher connection with their body.  The sound seeks out blockages in our bodies and prompts the body to release into the new frequency. Varying the frequency of the sounds produced can alter brain wave states resulting in participants experiencing a high functioning state, increased creativity, and improved sleep. Sound therapy reaches the deepest levels of our being, our source, source Qi, Yuan 元氣.  When we use sound therapy with acupuncture, it adds another level where we reach what we call the Extraordinary Vessels, Qi jing ba mai 奇經八脈.  Sound resonance therapies that are useful adjuncts to the practice of Chinese medicine.

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