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Health Qigong is easy to access toward learning any form of Qigong; from the old school classics to modern-day adaptations thereof. It is well suited for individuals who struggle with finding a routine, have an overactive spirit,  or master the combined action of meditation, breathwork, and technicalities associated.

Start for free; when you are ready to activate the healing within the movement join our training lessons online. This is an excellent starting platform if unfamiliar to this method of self-care.

There are initially four forms to get you started, namely Liu Zi Jue(Six Healing Sounds), Ba Duan Jin(Eight Brocade), Yi Jin Ying(Strong Tendon Muscle), and Wu Qin Xi(Five Animal). These qigongs are designed for improving the general health of those who practice them.

Self-care is mind, body healing, and relaxation; www.1mindbodyfitness.com is a 360-degree concept to current health, wellness, and fitness regimes. Have a community program; check our webpage https://shaolincafe.com/index.php/give-back-project/

View our blog on mapping the science of qigong & tai chi – https://bit.ly/3OfdZyT

Join our events on health qigong, how to calm the vagus nerve series, tai chi, and 5 element concepts within everyday life! – https://bit.ly/3N8Rzy6

Post your event – https://bit.ly/3O9TWC4

We are on YouTube – https://bit.ly/3z9y9mZ

Need to be certified? You may do so by joining our paying courses. By doing this you will build merit toward becoming a Health Qigong Coach. Enjoy!

Follow along - an introduction to Health Qigong. NB: This is merely an introduction not qualification lessons.


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