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Teach Health Qigong. Learn 24/7 access. Anywhere, anytime. Easy access to start teaching Health Qigong. Join our ranks of qualified Health Qigong Coaches. You will learn and have access to 4 of the most popular routines

Learn one form, be assessed, and earn merit to start teaching to pay for your ongoing education.

Continued training while teaching refines your “on-the-job” skill sets.

Coaches Certification

Complete the prescribed 16 learning hours per routine.

This can be done self-paced on-demand online combined with live in person or online live.

Complete the required hours for 1 routine

Submit 3 different angle self-videos of your performance for assessment.

Pass the assessment to be a certified coach. 

Our courses are suitable for beginners.

Train 1 form or routine over 4 days of training at 4 hours per day can be done in person or via live stream (bookings required).

Is your location an issue? 100% online training with 24/7 access, or live-stream your training. privately.

Schedule one or more private, one-on-one sessions. You can use the private sessions to spend quality time with an internationally qualified coach evaluating your progress.

To be certified as a coach, you must submit a simple video of yourself performing the form. (3 angles)

Our uniqueness; besides over 30 years in Qigong practice? We take it a step further by applying the “old school” principles for profound therapy in action.



Video lessons,

4 routines access,

Music both narrated and none narrated

Short course certificate for each routine

Coaches certification needs to follow required criteria click link access

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