How To Get Started

How To Get Started. Health Qigong combines breathing exercises, meditation, and physical movements to improve both physical and mental health and wellness.

It's simple to get started with Health Qigong; all you need is a comfortable place to practice and some basic instructions. There are lots of resources available to assist you in getting started, such as online videos, live streams, notes, face-to-face sessions, and workshops. The majority of Health Qigong activities are gentle and suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

However, before beginning any new exercise program, always consult a doctor. Once you've mastered the basics, the possibilities for practicing Health Qigong are endless. You can do it alone or in a group, indoors or outdoors, in silence or with music. Health Qigong is a form of traditional Chinese exercise that combines breathing exercises, meditation, and physical movements to improve both physical and mental health.

There are various Health Qigong forms, each with its own set of benefits. Through SAHQA, clients can benefit from our international connections to IHQF (International Health Qigong Federation) and CHQA (Chinese Health Qigong Association) (South Africa Health Qigong Association). To get you started, learn and access 4 of the most popular forms.

Learn one form, be assessed, and earn merit to start teaching to pay for your ongoing education. Continued training while teaching refines your "on-the-job" skill sets. Our courses are suitable for beginners. Train 1 form or routine over 4 days of training at 4 hours per day can be done in person or via live stream (bookings required).

Is your location an issue? 100% online training with 24/7 access, or live-stream your training. privately. Schedule one or more private, one-on-one sessions. You can use the private sessions to spend quality time with an internationally qualified coach evaluating your progress. To be certified as a coach, you must submit a simple video of yourself performing the form. (3 angles)

Earn Merit and Certification while working with us. We can help you earn your international credentials and be a part of our network. To qualify, you should complete a minimum of 16 learning hours per form. Work toward international recognition while earning a living via learning and teaching. Be listed as a coach on our website.

If you want to become a Health Qigong coach in your area, we can help you with that. If you prefer to practice on your own, there are numerous online resources available. Regardless of how you choose to start, Health Qigong is a wonderful way to enhance your mind, body, and spirit.

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