TCM therapy online


Therapy is Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) uses acupuncture, diet, herbs, meditation, exercise, and massage to prevent future issues or reoccurrences in the body. Topics included are; Tui Na Chinese Therapy Massage Asian Longevity Eating E-books are included on each topic. The approach used by TCM, combines the idea of a Micro and Macro Environment, Traditional …

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Daoist Qigong Online

Qigong Classics

Access to the Qigong classics. The study of Qi and Qigong the old way. The practice of the Dao/Tao, or `Way of Life’; the pivotal principle of balance in action *Wu-Wei-“effortless action”. Keep The Mind In One – 1MindBodySpirit Amplifies the principles of “Keep the Mind in One ©” assisting with the prevention, management, accessibility, …

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meditation online


Subscription to online meditation. Your access includes 1) Cosmic Daoist Healing Meditation with Dr. Jeff Lan & 2) Self-Care Habits combining 12 Daoist practice methods alongside affirmations for daily practice. Cosmic Healing Qigong in its full context is the Cosmic Healing Way Of Nourishing Life. Created by Dr. Jeff Lan to assist both beginners and experienced with …

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Tai chi online

Tai Chi

Tai Chi teaches the equilibrium of yin and yang. The journey is impacted by multiple factors. Many factors influence this journey. Click here for more on Tai Chi Quan. Learn to do all movements in a calm manner. Medication in motion. To maintain a balance between the two principles of Yin and Yang, and natural movement …

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Kung fu online

Kung Fu

Kung Fu training access for all ages. The Kung Fu library access for basics, shaolin styles and weaponry library. Kung Fu is a traditional Chinese martial art or Wushu. Chinese Wushu, also known as Chinese martial arts, is an ancient practice of physical, mental, and spiritual development. t is a type of exercise that combines various …

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Health qigong online

Train Health Qigong

Train Health Qigong. Learn 24/7 access. Anywhere, anytime. Easy access to start teaching Health Qigong. Join our ranks of qualified Health Qigong Coaches. Our uniqueness; besides over 30 years in Qigong practice? We take it a step further by applying the “old school” principles for profound therapy in action. You will learn and have access …

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Platinum level online

Platinum Level

Platinum subscription level incorporates the wisdom of 1MindBodyFitness into your life. Focused on the next level client who needs to advance their knowledge and teach deeper subjects and methods. Vitality, Nourishing-Life-Enhancement, and Prevention Medicine. In one phrase, this program teaches the theory alongside the practice and implementation of Vitality, Nourishing-Life-Enhancement, and Prevention Medicine and merges …

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Gold level online

Gold Level

Gold Level enhances the elixir of life; by focusing on the medicinal arts applied theory; longevity & vitality. Elevating prior knowledge in training concepts and development of skills. Completing the fundamental stages allows for self-mastery progression in learning. Self-care concepts of 1MindBodyFitness take into mind not only physical care but also psychological, emotional, social, and …

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Silver level online

Silver Level

Silver members are the next level up from basic subscribers. It expands on what was introduced in the free trial access. This is where the training begins to introduce the step-by-step approach to acquiring skills. Renowned Kung Fu, Qigong, and Tai Chi Quan instructor Dr. Jeff Lan; a doctor of Chinese medicine; teaches you the most …

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Free To Try Online


Free to explore for 31-days. 1Mind Body Fitness uses the principles of Kung Fu, Qigong, and Tai Chi . Everything is covered here including Chinese medicine. Kung Fu Mindmap – free e-book Meet the coaches in action Explore Qigong, Kung Fu, Tai Chi & TCM Know the entire-person well-being  Many of us are initially unsure and need …

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