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The platinum level is dedicated to advanced knowledge and coach training. The mastery of physical movement is amplified by philosophy and medicine. Platinum level weaves the wisdom of 1MindBodyFitness into your life. Vitality, Nourishing-Life-Enhancement, and Prevention Medicine. In one phrase, this program teaches the theory alongside the practice and implementation of Vitality, Nourishing-Life-Enhancement, and Prevention Medicine and merges it into daily action.

Topics covered include:

  • Coach Tai Chi or/& Qigong
  • Reference Library
  • Philosophy
  • Daily Implementations
  • Live stream Access
  • Special Lecture Access
  • Webinar Invites

*Our courses offer certification on the completion of each sector. T&C apply where needed.

A teacher or coach who teaches from personal experience is the best.

All of our programs and courses emphasize ability as well as enhancing the teacher’s or coach’s skill.

By positioning each sector within the context of validity, our programs clarify and demystify the complex East-West worldview as well as Chinese medicine technicalities.

Allowing each level to unfold and amplify the next in a step-by-step self-paced progression.

Regardless of experience, teachers/coaches are encouraged to begin at the beginning.

As a result, students don’t lose out on the fundamentals.

This is an effective way to enhance overall teaching experience skills and enhance your instructor's method.


The Courses

Courses are designed to aid in your own and others’ healing.

Develop resiliency in times of challenge and beyond.

On completion of each sector, we furnish certification.

Courses cross-refer to assist teachers/coaches and potential students expand their knowledge base.

To strengthen our services, our teachers/coaches may join our international community and associate with respectable, globally recognized regulatory organizations.

By studying any of our courses, you may weave the wisdom of 1MindBodyFitness into your life.

Live immersion sessions can be included in all teacher programs; to discuss and analyze technical aspects and address experiences.

Following the submission of progress videos and Q&A, a live assessment is pre-booked accordingly.


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