Meridian & Acupoint Notes

Meridian & Acupoint Notes with the video lessons, notes and anatomy charts are used. Making it easier for the mind to visualize the locations of the points. Material notes include; 1. Tui Na Meridian notes, graphics and 2. Acupuncture/Tui Na point location chart. How to study the practicals Refer to both the video lessons alongside …

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Basic & Elementary Practicals

Basic & Elementary Practicals of Tui Na and De Da Sun Sang (Bone setting) namely Chinese massage utilised as therapy treatment; bone setting using Tui Na.

Basic Tui Na Techniques 2

Basic Tui Na Techniques 2 addresses the topic Bone Setting. Bones form the framework of hard material to which the skeletal muscles are attached.

Bone Setting Dié Dǎ healing.

Bone Setting

Bone Setting Dié Dǎ healing or Dié Dǎ Sǔn Shāng means, fall, hit, damage, injury. Scopes of healing is internal and external and an integral part of Kung Fu.

Tui Na Chinese Therapy Massage course is a thorough understanding of the subject of Tui Na and Bone setting. Understand both theoretical and practical concepts.

Tui Na Benefits

Tui Na Benefits can be helpful to improve circulation, increase flexibility, relieve pain. And also help to improve immune system function and reduce stress.

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