The Journey

The Journey Of Life Preservation

The Journey Of Life Preservation. Simple Strategies which Activates Resilience in Times of Change and Beyond.
Enhances Life Quality. 1MindBodyFitness caters to Authentic Knowledge for a New Age. Live and On-Demand Courses.

The Journey Of Life Preservation

Life will be prolonged if Qi is used correctly





A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


Chinese proverb; Lao Tzu

life preservation lessons

Entire-person well-being is the preservation of a state of harmonious balance between the internal whole person and the external environment, nature, and the universe. There is a Chinese proverb:
“Qi is the root of a human being”
氣者, 人之根本也

Enhance and maintain overall health and longevity; not just physical health but also the psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual wellness.

The Journey To “Keep the Mind in One”

1Mind Body Fitness uses the principles of Kung Fu, Qigong, and Tai Chi to connect and positively influence the body’s physical responses. Reducing stress and promoting physical and mental relaxation.

The principles of “Keep the Mind in One” are amplified by 1Mind Body Fitness. Assisting with preservation, management, prevention, and accessibility. The Best Treatment is Prevention.

Through awakening human health and healing potential that has been dormant. Self-care and healing becomes an active and powerful choice.

Steps To Start The Journey

A system that is experiential, integrative, and easily adaptable. The fundamental health assets presented will benefit current health, daily activities, wellness, work-life, and fitness programs. Amplify current self-care and extended self-care.



Kung Fu


Several key ideas of 1MindBodyFitness practice are revealed when viewed from the perspective of exercise, health, philosophy, or martial arts training.

Move With Intent:
elegant, articulation, yet balanced

stretch sinews, tendons, and ligaments, soften the mind

Quiet Breathing:
slow, deep, coordinated with fluid movement

quiet, calm, focused meditative state

dantien acupoint, Qi flow when required, relax the mind

sound focal point, origin from mouth, throat, or stomach

soft gaze, a hint of a smile, tranquil

Rooted Stance:
firm footing, soft spine, structure alignment

soften slightly bend sinews, tendons, ligaments, and joints,

yin yang motion, center of gravity focus

Reliance Release:
stillness, weight, force, and speed

stillness movement, breath, concentration.

Why A Journey’s First Step Is Needed

  • self-healing practice
  • refinement
  • homeostasis
  • movement
  • connectedness
  • grounding
  • mindfulness
  • emotional wellness
  • extreme relaxation
  • forcelessness
  • mental focus & enhancement
  • guided lower dantien breathing
  • improve strength
  • balance
  • flexibility & agility
  • overall wellbeing

inspiration 1mindbodyfitness

a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Chinese proverb; Lao Tzu

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