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Cosmic Healing Qigong


Cosmic Healing Qigong, full context, Cosmic Healing Way Of Nourishing Life. View courses to read more.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Acquire calmness & clarity
  • Increase clarity, productivity & efficiency
  • Make better decisions, balance heart emotion
  • Experience unity of mind will & congenital nature
  • Bring deep peace, healing, and relaxation
  • Merge meditative calmness into daily life

Cosmic Healing Qigong in its full context is the Cosmic Healing Way Of Nourishing Life. Created by Dr. Jeff Lan to assist both beginners and experienced with an easier learning and acquisition process of skills and ability within merging Daoist Qigong and Meditation techniques; Self Care Daoist Martial Art & Medicine Classics Evolved; which normally is a complex process. A cohesive program of study and practice fundamentals that stem from the Daoist principles; found within Traditional Chinese Medicine, Philosophy, and Chinese Martial Arts; (Tai Chi Quan & Qigong as defined). View courses to read more.


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