Tui Na Chinese Therapy Massage


A thorough understanding of the subject of Tui Na and Bone setting. Understand both theoretical and practical concepts from both the healer’s and the client perspective.

Material: Scripted video tutorials, Video practical’s, Acupoint charts, Notes & Images, Treatment Methods

Added Notes: Yin Yang Theory E-Book, Cosmic Healing Qigong Meditation and Qigong training for healer wellness.

Aims and Learning Outcomes

The aim of this Tui Na Chinese Therapy Massage course is to provide learners with a thorough understanding of the subject of Tui Na and Bone setting. The direct translation for Tui Na is ‘push/seize’(catch). Tui Na is a Chinese therapeutic massage, that uses variations of techniques to restore the body. 跌Dié 打Dǎ 损Sǔn 伤Shāng” means ” injuries from falls, fractures, contusions, and strains; traumatic injury. The students’ learning outcomes include being able to; Consult with a client, identify an ailment, Treat the problem, Locate and understand pressure points, and identify the appropriate technique to use for specific anatomy and ailment conditions. Maintain their personal well-being; practice the classical Daoist Ba Duan Jin Qigong form as well as the basic Cosmic healing meditation techniques.

The course’s origins in healing, Daoist principles, and Kung Fu martial arts, which represent a traditional, classical training style, lend to its uniqueness. Tui Na and De Da Sun Sang (Bone setting), also known as Chinese massage, are used as a therapy stepping stone to further study in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). A basic understanding of Qi in martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and how it works; alongside an introduction to basic Qigong and meditation training for maintaining wellness as a healer. Students will learn how to understand both theoretical and practical concepts related to the course’s topic. It is best for the student to have a basic understanding of the theory and diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to understand this course clearly and comprehensively (TCM).


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